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Re: Template Tags

Page numbers – say a thread has more than 30 replies and falls onto the second page, it’s very irritating having to click the thread’s name and then click again to get to the second page. Next to the page’s name you should simply have the page numbers displayed and clickable, hopefully in a smart way (say showing the first few and the last few). You can see it on this forum, too: say I want to read the second page of posts in the Plugin: Forum Restriction thread, I have to click on the name and then on the second page. Is there maybe even a plugin to list the page numbers next to the page name in the thread listing?

In WordPress you have hooks that let you take actions through your plugin when they’re called, right? I guess bbPress does the same. I specifically want to create an Identicon avatar on registration – it’s not essential, just something I’d like to do. How do I register my plugin to work on that hook, and what hook do I use? Just a list of hooks would be helpful. :)

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