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Re: TalkPress



I’ll probably be forced to join the dev list to try to solve this but I just tried moving from 951 to 1075 and I cannot get the logins to “stick” (ie. logs in and then acts as if it is not logged in)

Seems like the old cookie path issue but I’ve looked the cookies and the code and everything seems healthy. Even created a new user with 1075 and that user cannot login either.

eta: 1006 does not exhibit the login issue

ps. don’t kid yourself with Akismet stopping spam. Spammers just escalate their deviousness on what they can get through it. My blog gets spam almost daily now, bleeding right through Akismet. And Akismet hasn’t been given peer-review for privacy/security issues such as passing every single message entered on every single blog and bbpress through automattic – even for private posts and private sub-forums. Won’t make for good headlines when people start to think about it.

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