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Re: TalkPress



As I was reverse integrating the WP trunk with the bbPress trunk this weekend I was thinking a lot more about this – and the more I think about it, the more I am getting confused about what is being planned.

If WP and bbPress are being coded to use to a unified function library that would definitely break wordpress hooks. But Matt would never do that as it would break 1000’s of plugins and themes for the far more popular WordPress.

In some ways, bbPress’s db/load process and hooks are slightly more thought out/evolved than WordPress because they came later and WordPress has to maintain some backward compatibility.

So then it occurred to me that to leave the WP hooks alone, I hope you are not trying to replace the core of bbPress only with WP-like functions? I don’t see how that could be done without breaking every single plugin and theme for bbPress? Will the next (non minor) release of bbPress have a nearly-unified WP core?

In trac I see BB functions being renamed to their WP counterparts. But no wrapper functions for backward compatibility are being written. I see the backend of bbPress being hammered into backPress and I imagine the next bbPress as simply a front-end being re-written to only use the backPress, ie. wordpress, hooks.

So I guess the final question is: is there a plan to write wrapper functions or is the general attitude just to abandon all third party work to date for the next bbPress release and just hope we go along for the ride?

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