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Re: TalkPress



Ugh, so an existing forum with 1000 users will have to instruct every single one to clear their cookies – meaning at least 50% won’t understand and try to contact the forum operator personally.

I think there is a better way – perhaps an upgrade plugin that can detect the out of date hash and instruct the client to delete the old cookie and redirect back to the login.

Actually, wouldn’t bbpress replace the hash data in the cookie upon login? None of this sounds right – I created a new user under 1075 and was still unable to login.

I’ve gotten build 1006 to work properly so I guess I will try another investigation into the upgrade from there tonight. I wonder if this has to do with the hard coded hash I have set in bb-config.php

How does this affect a setup with a shared login from wordpress where you have to match the same hash it has? I had the integration working just right, hope there was a good reason to fiddle with it.

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