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Re: SVN procedure for checking out bbPress?

What I did was, followed this guide here:

Reference links:

I login to my domain with START > RUN > CMD >


-will give your user and ask for passphrase.. enter passphrase.. hit enter

-it will give you server prompt thingy.. I type and hit enter: ls

-will show you what’s on your domain’s root, then type and hit enter: cd public_html (which changes you to the public_html directory)

-then I type and hit enter: ls

(will show me everything in the public_html directory..)

-then type and hit enter: cd forums (changes you to the forums directory folder)

-then I type and hit enter: ls (shows me everything in forums/ folder)

-then I run this line command:

svn co .

Only thing is though, if you already have folders/files in there, you’ll have to delete everything EXCEPT the my-templates/, my-plugins/ .htaccess, any special plugin files outside the my-plugins folder, and config.php files. Before running the SVN CO line command..

I also tried doing this:

svn co . –force

Which should FORCE file overwrites within that directory, however, it won’t work on a svn checkout… Not sure why though, but.. if you follow basically what I said above, you should be ok… =/

You should be good to go then… I hope this helps.. Good luck!


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