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Re: Support for 0.9 – how long?

Ending things at a year end is much more tidy than the middle when many more people are away.

Except I feel that more people are off on Winter vacation in December ;) But I’m not all that hung up on summer v. winter showdowns. I suspect the same volume of people will be away in December as July, so why not pull a GeoCities and shut down Oct 26th ;)

The only real reason I can see for stopping 0.9 support is that it’s time consuming in a direction that’s no longer being followed (see _ck_’s explanation). And that’s fair, y’know :)

0.9 IS stable. It’s more tested than 1.0. But I agree with johnhiler, in that this doesn’t need to be a WarGames, zero-sum thing. There are always reasons to stay a couple revs back. Anyone who runs a server knows that. You want to upgrade to get new things, but you also end up holding off because it works as it, and you don’t want to mess with what works. But. There’s a point where holding off will cause you more pain when you have to upgrade.

Thankfully, we’re not there yet!

Sez Sam:

As long as bbPress 0.9 is maintained some time will have to be spent maintaining the 0.9 branch, mostly with regards to security fixes. I don’t see this as particularly burdensome, but I don’t want to be doing it forever.

12 to 18 months is long enough, IMO, for that. Pick one, carry on. A set in stone date is good so people can’t say they weren’t warned :)

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