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Re: Stop changing Code, so CK can get the plugins compatible.



ashfame I appreciate your enthusiasm but I personally will have to comb through all the changes in 1.0 and look for new problems it’s causing my techniques- some things will not be immediately noticeable as a plugin will appear to run but then not in all cases or not update database info, etc. I’ll organize a way for people to report specific problems as it gets closer towards December.

As I have repeatedly mentioned it’s also a matter of waiting for 1.0 to settle.

I see many little problems with it that will have to be fixed – there will likely be at least a couple more releases by December and probably many more little tweaks put in the trunk for 1.5 that might affect my plugins again.

Your energy is better spent debugging bbPress 1.0, or writing/porting other plugins for bbPress as there’s always something else needed.

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