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Stop changing Code, so CK can get the plugins compatible.

  • Please stop changing core code so CK can get all 60+ plugins to be compatible with the new version, please.

    It is very frustration, now that WE have to wait till December (when ck updates he/shes plugins)..

    this effectively renders the new version useless as the plugins are what makes bbpress.

    thanks for your time and godbless xoxox

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  • _ck_


    Actually, you do not want bbPress development to stop. It must continue to survive.

    Even if it was feature frozen today I would not be addressing the problems for at least a month or two as bbPress does not pay the bills (there have only been 4 donations this year despite thousands of users of my plugins).

    Simply keep using 0.9 for a few months, it’s very stable and reliable.

    i guess ill have to make my template really minimilastic, so that not much changes will occur once i upgrade.

    oh well. thanks for everything anyway


    How about I will help you fixing your plugins? In this way, I will get to learn many things from you. I know it will consume more time of yours but I can work on pointers. How about being a mentor? Just a thought.

    I can jump into it directly after my this semester exams and as soon as my new session starts. What say?


    Was the earlier post missed or the answer was no? Just be frank and tell me. I am cool either way. :)

    I understand your reasons very well.

    Don’t take the lack of reply as an answer, everyone here (except Sam) are volunteers. And everyone (including Sam) have real lives and weekends and such.

    So _ck_ will get back to you whenever she does. Just take it cool, man :)



    @swaymedia: Any comment on _ck_: “there have only been 4 donations this year despite thousands of users of my plugins”

    Maybe you’re one of the four? Reminds me of this discussion:



    ashfame I appreciate your enthusiasm but I personally will have to comb through all the changes in 1.0 and look for new problems it’s causing my techniques- some things will not be immediately noticeable as a plugin will appear to run but then not in all cases or not update database info, etc. I’ll organize a way for people to report specific problems as it gets closer towards December.

    As I have repeatedly mentioned it’s also a matter of waiting for 1.0 to settle.

    I see many little problems with it that will have to be fixed – there will likely be at least a couple more releases by December and probably many more little tweaks put in the trunk for 1.5 that might affect my plugins again.

    Your energy is better spent debugging bbPress 1.0, or writing/porting other plugins for bbPress as there’s always something else needed.

    I got it! No issues. Well, Can you recommend what approach should I have to grasp all the code of bbPress as there is no Codex at the moment. I remember you stating earlier that you learnt by studying others’ plugins. Any suggestions in this regard would be of great help. Thanks :)

    @ashfame – Have you studied WordPress plugins at all? The approach is pretty similar, and there’s a nice codex over there too:


    Yes, I have gone through it.

    Waiting for more suggestions!



    As with all programming, the best way to learn is to do. Make some plugins.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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