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Re: Sometimes Less Is Just Less

@sambauers Could you post that “trivial” code that allows for a BB login box in WP that will redirect back to the page after login?

This is where I think Shallow Integration has the upper hand. I have the bb login on the bb side, and the WP in-line login on the WP side, and no matter where my peeps log in from, there they are. All I do is redirect registration to the WP side, which kicks them back to the main WP page. And that’s okay, since 92% (I love stats) of visitors start there anyway.

As for includes on bbpress … Actually smilies, which are built into WP, would be nice, but they’d have to be easy to customize and expand. Some people like a million, some people like 10. Avatar upload isn’t going to happen unless Automattic dumps Gravatar. Quote ‘options’ would be a nice plugin.

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