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John James Jacoby


Flies only live for 15 days; females for 26 if they’re lucky. We probably want people to stick around for a little longer… ;)

Opinion: What *Press needs is some visual and code consistency to re-align everything back to the basics of what made WordPress awesome in the first place.

Opinion: Right now all the automattic apps look and feel like totally different programs, but lets be honest… On the surface, bbPress is basically WordPress without topics being able to have multiple categories; On the surface, BuddyPress is basically the user-profile area that phpBB has had for 6 years but arranged to tap into the MU way of thinking. Under the surface the code and the methods are totally different, but the end result is pretty close to existing webware.

Opinion: The only thing left for automattic to do is a shopping cart, which we can take a bunch of osCommerce experience from and apply to WordPress methods pretty easily if automattic ever wants to venture into the e-commerce market.

Opinion: From a developers perspective, trying to keep up with and remember all of the WordPress, WordPressMU, BuddyPress, and bbPress classes and functions and ‘isms is getting really, really hard…

Defense: PLEASE don’t get me wrong… It’s also exhilarating, exciting, totally 150% fun, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but holy crap lets sit back and look and say that there a whole meta ton of a lot going on lately…

Matt, do you have an ulcer by now? Because I think I might... Ha! :D

Defense: And hopefully I haven’t made myself out to be a total ass here; I hope that TalkPress helps to accelerate the .org thought process behind integrating both the user portion and the template portion of these awesome apps together in a more transparent way… Including my forum into my blog would be pretty killer. :)

Round Up: With BuddyPress 1.0 on the horizon, bringing the social networking abilities that people usually make plugins for WordPress and bbPress to emulate, *Press automatic applications really do stand to evolutionize the way that people use the internet in a major way…

Summary: I for one am totally pumped to see what TalkPress looks like and works like… When a new version of *press comes out, it’s like Christmas morning to me and I download it and poke my head around the new code and find all the cool new little additions…

Please don’t hit me for my long winded and slightly off topic response. Probably wouldn’t expect anything less from me now would you? :D

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