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  • Thats a good sign, should give things some momentum

    A quick view-source shows this li’l gem: ver=1.0-alpha-6 as well as <form class="login" method="post" action="">

    Looks familiar, no? ;)

    I don’t get it, so what will BBPress actually be called… people are probably already registering a dozen or so domains with bbpress*.com in them, and now there changing it to TalkPress … im slightly getting peeved off with the un-officialness of everything.

    It’s like a holding site for forums…

    bbpress is bbpress and talkpress is talkpress.

    im right huh?



    People should not be registering domain names with any of the Automattic product names in them. While the programs are open source and free, the name is still trademarked by Matt. I doubt he would ever sue little websites but Matt has gently requested this before:

    Discussing/promoting the products on your site is one thing, registering domain names with the products entirely different. If you are worried about SEO or promotion you can just use the name as a subdirectory, ie. = okay = not okay

    subdomains might also be a loophole:

    And it’s perfectly valid for them to have a commerical product called “TalkPress” that uses the open source bbPress engine. Just like BuddyPress uses WordPress MU and bbPress.

    My guess would be this: is to what talkpress is to bbpress

    Nes pas?

    (and I’ve been told they don’t use those questions in the SATs anymore, which makes me feel old…)

    Ipstenu is correct on the relationship between TalkPress and bbPress. :: ::

    We chose a new name for it to avoid confusion.

    I think I originally announced it a year or two ago, just nothing has happened with it until recently.

    _ck_ is absolutely right about not putting one of the product names in your domain. Better to start with something unique that you truly own, rather than using someone else’s name.

    @matt – some genuine feedback to avoid Digg fan boys, taking the piss even further.:


    Once you get the BuddyPress version for non-MU WP out, would you not need Deep Integration on BBpress for that..?.. etc. BuddyPress + WordPress (non-MU) + BBPress (deep intergrated for post-alpha)… having to work around a ridiculous iFrame to show it on WP&BP is going to fan down big with the designers.


    Updating the Documentation now, will get alot more people to help. It hasn’t been since the last 8 releases.


    Look into intergration more, and synch BuddyPress with BBPress well enough for designers to do what they want with it.


    BBPress as the scripts name and TalkPress as the hosted version is the most stupidest thing i have ever heard. It’s going to show a deteriation on Automattics side.


    got plent more to moan about, but ill let someone else have a turn



    It was great to see Matt post here but don’t get used to it – first time in two years or so. I suspect he has way too many things to manage these days, his company is growing in leaps and bounds.


    as i said, its getting to a point where we’re all voicing our concerns, and BBPress is heading towards a milestone, so Matt as he should be, very concerned about what could be an even further Great piece of software.

    swaymedia, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

    matt, a preference of flies over guinea pigs, says alot. None the less a wise pro-verb a fly like me can do without. I recommend listening to “Poke’her face” by “Lady Gaga”.

    keep up the consistency of good work!

    John James Jacoby


    Flies only live for 15 days; females for 26 if they’re lucky. We probably want people to stick around for a little longer… ;)

    Opinion: What *Press needs is some visual and code consistency to re-align everything back to the basics of what made WordPress awesome in the first place.

    Opinion: Right now all the automattic apps look and feel like totally different programs, but lets be honest… On the surface, bbPress is basically WordPress without topics being able to have multiple categories; On the surface, BuddyPress is basically the user-profile area that phpBB has had for 6 years but arranged to tap into the MU way of thinking. Under the surface the code and the methods are totally different, but the end result is pretty close to existing webware.

    Opinion: The only thing left for automattic to do is a shopping cart, which we can take a bunch of osCommerce experience from and apply to WordPress methods pretty easily if automattic ever wants to venture into the e-commerce market.

    Opinion: From a developers perspective, trying to keep up with and remember all of the WordPress, WordPressMU, BuddyPress, and bbPress classes and functions and ‘isms is getting really, really hard…

    Defense: PLEASE don’t get me wrong… It’s also exhilarating, exciting, totally 150% fun, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but holy crap lets sit back and look and say that there a whole meta ton of a lot going on lately…

    Matt, do you have an ulcer by now? Because I think I might... Ha! :D

    Defense: And hopefully I haven’t made myself out to be a total ass here; I hope that TalkPress helps to accelerate the .org thought process behind integrating both the user portion and the template portion of these awesome apps together in a more transparent way… Including my forum into my blog would be pretty killer. :)

    Round Up: With BuddyPress 1.0 on the horizon, bringing the social networking abilities that people usually make plugins for WordPress and bbPress to emulate, *Press automatic applications really do stand to evolutionize the way that people use the internet in a major way…

    Summary: I for one am totally pumped to see what TalkPress looks like and works like… When a new version of *press comes out, it’s like Christmas morning to me and I download it and poke my head around the new code and find all the cool new little additions…

    Please don’t hit me for my long winded and slightly off topic response. Probably wouldn’t expect anything less from me now would you? :D





    _ck_ you beat me to posting it…

    John James Jacoby


    Awww Jeeeaaaah…. :D

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