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Re: SHWEEEEET!!! 8,888.88888?

It’s better than Christmas…

But really, I have to say that even though I am much more familiar with phpbb, and even though it has a (currently) larger, more active community, and even though there are many more features, I chose to stick with bbpress to integrate with wordpress.

First of all, the integration process, though buggy now, will no doubt only get simpler and cleaner. I also expect to soon see the types of features that I need, and a shortage of the code that I can do without.

In fact, my decision may even have been in part due to the “code is poetry” which is written at the bottom of each page, but more importantly in the code. I’m excited to see the developments, and would even like to get to the point where I can lend a hand to the community like others are.

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