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Re: Show off your Forum !!

Hi there,

my turn, I suppose!

Well, the ioni2 theme is deeply integrated with WordPress (it relies on WP to build menu and parts of footer, for instance), but in any other aspect it is purely bbPress:


  • Akismet
  • Allow Images (allthough truth to tell it is not working as well as it is supposed to.. but alas!)
  • bbPress Sitemap Generator
  • bbPress Web Compression (A must have!)
  • Related Topics
  • Simple Online List
  • Topic Icons (almost useless with my theme)

There are not much people of the forum so you may freely check it out and try post anything to see how it is working! The theme is translated into Russian (although written in English), and shall you desire to get it – just let me know :) The same goes for the translation.

The major point here is that the theme is HTML5 (I keep developing it, just keep that in mind) – and it looks exacly the same in IE, FF, Chrome, Opera and Safari

Wanna check it

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