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Show off your Forum !!

  • Post links to your completed forums and info about the plugins added or code changes you’ve made. (thinking of using bbpress to convert wordpress into a cms)

    Thanks !!!

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  • Tiago S, I signed up for your forum because I really like your design, want to know how it works, and am a little new at CSS…hope you don’t mind :)


    Here is one I’m Working on… Waiting for a Stable Version of V1 to be launched…

    Still working on Modifying Theme and Creating (& Searching) for plug-in’s to make it into a Full Working Forum…

    WARNING: This site is to be an Adult Site…


    Best thing about bbPress = It’s Light Weight! and Extreme Flexibility!

    You’re wellcome ericharison ;)

    Newly started Swedish cycling webzine and forum… WP and BBPress integration and I have also integrated phpwebgallery though that one is still under development as I have to figure out how to make it fit into the design of the site… (Uhm, yeah, the private blogs on the site are extra installations… can’t run wpmu on the current host and the subdomain hack didn’t work – should change host but can’t afford it atm…)

    Keeping it minimalistic… Though quite feature-packed.

    John James Jacoby



    How did you ditch the WordPress comment system and link the comments to a specific forum topic? Is this an automated process or a clever use of custom fields?

    Hi there,

    my turn, I suppose!

    Well, the ioni2 theme is deeply integrated with WordPress (it relies on WP to build menu and parts of footer, for instance), but in any other aspect it is purely bbPress:


    • Akismet
    • Allow Images (allthough truth to tell it is not working as well as it is supposed to.. but alas!)
    • bbPress Sitemap Generator
    • bbPress Web Compression (A must have!)
    • Related Topics
    • Simple Online List
    • Topic Icons (almost useless with my theme)

    There are not much people of the forum so you may freely check it out and try post anything to see how it is working! The theme is translated into Russian (although written in English), and shall you desire to get it – just let me know :) The same goes for the translation.

    The major point here is that the theme is HTML5 (I keep developing it, just keep that in mind) – and it looks exacly the same in IE, FF, Chrome, Opera and Safari

    Wanna check it

    wp-integrated, and not many plugins at all besides the ones you can see:







    bbPress-WordPress syncronization

    bbPress Favicon

    bbPress Moderation Suite

    bbPress Polls

    bbPress signatures

    bbPress Smilies


    Members Online

    Reputation (Karma) for bbPress

    Subscribe to Topic

    Topic Icons

    Theme: Simples

    This forum is integrated with my WP blog, which is a weather/severe weather blog. The site is finished, its just picking up some users that is a but tough :) feel free to check it out. If you at all feel like you want to register, do it through WP, not bbPress. I haven’t altered the login system on bbPress yet

    Peter A. Gebhardt


    A (German) standalone implementation using “Hidden Forums” (and some more of _CK_s fine PlugIns) and some code tweaking to differentiate user experience for:

    • Visitors
    • Members
    • Exklusive Contributors (Experts)
    • Customers (Subscribers)


    @killersneak <- Template + Forums I’m working on now (test domain) it will be moved to this weekend once i finalzie it.

    AdSense for bbPress

    Version 1.0.1 | By Seans0n


    Version 1.1 | By Michael Adams

    BBcode Lite

    Version 2.0.0 | By KillerSneak/_ck_ | (customized to work with WYSIWYG text editor)


    Version 0.1-alpha10 | By KillerSneak/Nightgunner5| (customized to work with WP theme layout)

    bbPress-WordPress syncronization

    Version 0.8.0 | By Ivan Babrou

    bbPress Attachments

    Version 0.2.7 | By _ck_

    bbPress Recent Replies

    Version 0.1b | By Ashfame

    Bozo Users

    Version 1.1 | By Michael Adams

    Role Manager

    Version 0.1 | By Nightgunner5


    * Integrated theme with WordPress

    * new and easy HTML text editor (customized to work with “BBcode Lite Version 2.0.0 | By KillerSneak/_ck_ | -customized to work with WYSIWYG text editor)

    * Custom top user nav + user icon’s on group eg:

    -Admin icon

    -Moderator icon

    -Clan Memeber icon

    -Donators icon

    -Member icon

    * 1 tag cloud to work for BBpress and WordPress

    – and allot of other customized stuff to get everything WP/BB to look the same.



    some stylesheet color changes









    adsense-for-bbpress (currently not working)



    Adventure Canoe Forum

    I started a canoeing specific forum. It’s finally starting to get some traffic. I’ve used some standard plugins as well as writing some of my own.

    _CK_’s plugins are indispensable.

    here’s a could packed into one that do a lot of SEO stuff like titles, canonical links and opening links in new windows.

    Plugin Name: Target Blank
    Description: append target="_blank" to all links and other fun stuff
    Author: James
    Version: 1
    //add rel=external to post links... there's also some stuff in here to allow more tags

    function bb_target_blank( $text ) {
    $text = preg_replace('|<a (.+?)>|i', '<a $1 target="_blank">', $text);
    return $text;
    add_filter('pre_post', 'bb_target_blank');

    // Add Tags with allow_tags

    function allow_more_tags( $tags ) {
    $tags['p'] = array('style' => array());
    $tags['h3'] = array('style' => array());
    $tags['span'] = array('style' => array());
    $tags['b'] = array('style' => array());
    $tags['em'] = array('style' => array());
    $tags['ol'] = array('style' => array());
    $tags['target'] = array('style' => array());
    $tags['iframe'] = array('style' => array());

    return $tags;

    add_filter( 'bb_allowed_tags', 'allow_more_tags' );

    function meta_keywords() {
    global $tags;
    if (!empty($tags)) {
    foreach ($tags as $t) {$keywords.=$t->raw_tag.', ';}
    echo "n".'<meta NAME="keywords" CONTENT="'.trim($keywords,", ").'">'."n";
    } add_action('bb_head', 'meta_keywords',8);

    function set_canonical_links() {
    global $page;
    if (is_front()) {

    $url = (!empty($_SERVER['HTTPS'])) ? "https://".$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] : "http://".$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];

    echo '
    <link rel="canonical" href="'.$url.'" />'.PHP_EOL;
    } elseif (bb_is_topic()) {
    $tlink = get_topic_link();
    if ($page > 1) {
    $turl = $tlink.'/page/'.$page;
    } else {
    $turl = get_topic_link();
    echo '
    <link rel="canonical" href="'.$turl.'" />'.PHP_EOL;
    } elseif (is_forum()) {
    echo '
    <link rel="canonical" href="'.get_forum_link().'" />'.PHP_EOL;
    } else {


    This one makes better page titles…it has some canoe specific stuff in it but I think you can see how it works and change it for your needs.

    Plugin Name: Better Titles
    Author: James Dixson
    add_filter('bb_title', 'titlemodify');

    function titlemodify( $title ) {
    //your code that does something to $title;

    switch ( bb_get_location() ) {
    case 'topic-page':
    $title = get_topic_title() . ' - ' . get_forum_name() . ' &mdash; Adventure Canoe Forum' ;

    case 'front-page':
    $title = bb_option('name') . ' &mdash; Canoeing and Paddling Discussion' ;

    case 'forum-page':

    $find = 'Canoe';
    $string = get_forum_name() ;
    $title = get_forum_name() . ' &mdash; Adventure Canoe Forum' ;
    $title = 'Canoe ' . get_forum_name() . ' &mdash; Adventure Canoe Forum' ;


    case 'profile-page':
    $title = 'Profile for ' . get_user_name() . ' - Adventure Canoe Forum &mdash; Canoeing and Paddling Discussion' ;
    return $title;

    Anyway enjoy… and if you like canoeing post on the Adventure Canoe Forum



    Greetings :)

    I guess I could do the show off thing. Here’s mine: Dev:station

    It has quite a lot of plugins installed – and everything works – though there may be a few bugs that I don’t know of.

    Plugin List:

    Admin Add User

    Allow Images

    Avatar Upload

    BBCode Lite

    BBCode Toolbar



    bbPress Moderation Suite

    bbPress Smilies

    Bozo Users


    General Statistics (my own plugin)

    Hot Tags Plus

    Hot Topic

    Human Test for bbPress

    Indicate New Posts

    Member List


    Post Count Plus

    Project Honey Pot

    Read-Only Forums

    Related Topics



    Simple Online List

    Support Forum

    Terms of Service

    Topics per Page


    I know the address to this forum isn’t that great – I’ll be getting a .com domain for it some time next year (hopefully January).

    Enjoy! :)


    Here is my latest forum:

    Mine is very simple….my knowledge is limited but hopes are high!!!

    Mine is at

    Theme matches the rest of the site.

    I’m also working on another project with BBPress to create a gallery where users submit their work in a placer where others can view, rate, and comment. So far I’ve been able to achieve all of the functionality in the form of plugins (both my own and modifications of existing ones) however I had to modify the core to make the register page look nicer (why is there a template for that?!). It’s been a great learning process and BBPress, like WordPress, is great to work with.



    @Taeo: That sounds very interesting! :) And you have an excellent forum! :)

    If you ever make it a stable plugin – please let us know. I, for one, would make huge use of it! :) I did mention how I my bbPress to be a community site at the recent IRC.

    Great work! :)


    Thanks! I will definitely share once I am done.

    I am not so sure about releasing it as a stable plugin. Alot of what I have done is very specific to the goal I am trying to accomplish! Not to mention I haven’t really made an effort to make it play nice as a plugin (table needs to be created manually, queries have hardcoded table names, etc).

    If the 1.1 revival of BBPress goes through and my site does well I may consider it. Regardless I would release it as is to anyone who wanted to tinker with it.



    I completely agree with you on that. There would be no point in putting effort into making a stable plugin for a version of bbPress that will soon be out of date.

    I’d really love to see the developments of this. :) Wish you luck with it :)

    Hi Michael888

    Nice work. I registered to your forum too :)

    But I am pretty new to this and I am wondering what plugins you used to get the

    Board Statistics

    From my reading it may be a combo of plugins.



    Hi rleon!

    Thanks for joining! :)

    The smaller statistics were entered manually based on functions in the built-in statistics file, except for the newly registered members which I wrote myself.

    The actual ‘Detailed Statistics’ comes from a plugin called MyViews. Search it up in the plugin browser.

    I also have a ton of other plugins – which is why the forum looks somewhat advanced.



    This is mine:

    I changed a couple of things to integrate it more and more with my wordpress theme and site:


    bbPress is being used by the Italian Expat Community in Malaysia at

    bbPress in a excellent forum software

    My new bbPress forum for discussing Antique Prints

    Discuss and Discover Antique Prints

    i’ve used a custom skin, very much based on the default kakumei style.

    I’ve loved working with this software.

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