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Re: Show off your Forum !!

user name: just a test (note the spaces)

password: justatest (no spaces)

This is a WP/BBP installation for my upcoming 10 year class reunion. I originally launched the site as static pages and a phpbb board. However, about a month ago I put WP behind it to manage updates, add payment collection capabilities, and rotating ads. After that I added a bbpress installation, which is integrated with WP. I used the phpbb import plugin, with some minor tweaks, to bring all of the posts and users over from phpbb. I’ve made minor changes here and there to the default template, and I am using most of the available plugins. So far my classmates haven’t had any trouble with anything, and it has been much easier to manage and moderate the boards, especially with MUCH less spam and bogus user registrations than on phpbb.


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