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Re: Serving bbPress member registration info to adserver on WordPress part of site?



It appears that the ‘deep integration’ between bbPress and WordPress will provide the basis for doing this, I’d need to be able to re-code the registration screen to make the ‘occupation’ field a required field. I also want it to be coded so it’s a dropdown list of choices that I determine.

This issue is way huge for anyone wanting to monetize a website through advertising. Advertisers on the web want to know who your audience is before they will pay reasonable CPMs. I’m showing videos that will eventually incorporate ads, and I want the site to know how to identify a registered visitor so that the video ads can be targeted based on their self-identified occupation.

I also need the forum to be incorporated into a WordPress page, the way I have a test of Simple:Press set up here:

Is there a relatively simple way to make bbPress look like that?

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