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Serving bbPress member registration info to adserver on WordPress part of site?

  • wendel-brume


    I’m setting up a new website that is using WordPress as a CMS, and probably bbPress as a forum. (I’m toying with phpBB at the moment, but the integration I want here will likely push me to bbPress.) The WordPress area won’t require registration since its content is a series of short videos, and I want guests to be able to view them. Visitors will be invited to join the forums to discuss the videos, and I want them to self-identify their field of occupation when registering. My site is specific enough that the list of relevant occupations can be limited to a known list, so that field will be from a fixed set of possible choices.

    Is there then a way that when a registered bbPress member visits the WordPress area of the site, that WordPress will recognize them as registered bbPress members and somehow pass that information out, so that an adserver (like AdSense) can target the ads it serves more specifically to that visitor based on the occupation they provided?

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  • Is there then a way that when a registered bbPress member visits the WordPress area of the site, that WordPress will recognize them as registered bbPress members

    Integrated login will do that. If you only want to use the BB side of things, you can use a ‘Hide Dashboard’ plugin for WP (to … hide things ;) ), and then just never link to the WP profile stuff. I’m doing that and the three smarties who know they can login on the WP side quickly learned: Ain’t nutin’ there.

    As for targeting ads, I suspect you can do that, though it’d be a question for the WP side methinks.

    Hide Dashboard:

    Sounds interesting, but Adsense should be contextual out of the box. However, if you are looking to do something with affiliate banners, I would think there might be a variable you can attach to a registered user, although that is far above my realm of knowledge.



    It appears that the ‘deep integration’ between bbPress and WordPress will provide the basis for doing this, I’d need to be able to re-code the registration screen to make the ‘occupation’ field a required field. I also want it to be coded so it’s a dropdown list of choices that I determine.

    This issue is way huge for anyone wanting to monetize a website through advertising. Advertisers on the web want to know who your audience is before they will pay reasonable CPMs. I’m showing videos that will eventually incorporate ads, and I want the site to know how to identify a registered visitor so that the video ads can be targeted based on their self-identified occupation.

    I also need the forum to be incorporated into a WordPress page, the way I have a test of Simple:Press set up here:

    Is there a relatively simple way to make bbPress look like that?



    Here’s a Joomla! plugin that does what I want, except it’s for Joomla!:


    • Ability to extend registration form with unlimited additional fields
    • Different types of fields like Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, Select List, Text Field, Data
    • Ability to create your own list of values to choose for fields of type Select List,
    Check Box, Radio Buttons

    Does anyone know of a WordPress/bbPress plugin that will do this?



    I don’t know of a way to incorporate bbPress into a WordPress page. It’s not a forum plugin for WordPress. You can make them look the same and use some of the same functions, but bbPress is never going to live in a WordPress page. (I know, never say never, but…)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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