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Re: Second Page Gone!



That 503 error is back. You need access to server error logs, and if you don’t have those, you will need to set up some custom error logging to see what’s going on. Maybe a PHP resource is being exceeded when this happens. You need to find out why and I think that’s the best way to do it, check the log for errors.

I tried the topic first page, which was fine. Then I clicked the page 2 or next icon to get to page two, and it showed a blank screen. Then I tried just the forum page, and it showed a 503. I didn’t think to check when the blank screen was up if that was a 503 error too.

You are going to need access to some logs for additional info to fix this one.

To see if it’s your theme creating the problem, see if this happens with the stock theme. If it doesn’t then you need to find the problem with your theme that is causing this.

How about plugins? What plugins are you using? Maybe something that allows images is causing an out of memory error, if you all large images to be uploaded?

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