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Second Page Gone!

  • I have a topic that now spans over two pages but when I click to go to the next page sometimes it is coming up with ‘topic not found’.

    Other times it is fine and other times it is just loading a blank white screen and then the whole forum is dissapearing when I click ‘back’.

    It is very strange…can someone please help?

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  • chrishajer


    Link to your forum?



    Looks like the whole server is gone now… Can’t bring it up at all.

    The blank screen is likely a 500 Internal Server Error, so if you have access to error logs, that will help. If not, it’s likely a syntax problem in a template file. I saw at first that you had a custom theme up there. You could try with a stock theme and see if the problem persists.

    One other thing I noticed is that the URL appeared incorrect. It looked like this:

    But the topic ID is missing in that URL. It should look more like this:

    Maybe the pagination links in your theme got messed up somehow. I wasn’t able to test any further because I can’t bring up any pages at all on your forum right now.



    This is the error I’m getting right now:

    503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

    Thanks for looking. See sometimes I get the same thing but right now it’s all working fine…

    As for the solution, I have no idea how to do anything you suggested. I changed the template myself but I did not touch anything technical that would affect the posts etc, I only changed a bit of css and layout.

    Any ideas of how I could get this solved?

    Also I am now getting…

    and it is working.

    So I am guessing you are only getting the other address (without the id=9) when it is not working which would mean the url is actually changing. How, I have no idea.

    If anyone has any idea on how I can get this working again please let me know as I am am desperate.

    Just posting again in the hope that someone might have a solution for this problem???



    That 503 error is back. You need access to server error logs, and if you don’t have those, you will need to set up some custom error logging to see what’s going on. Maybe a PHP resource is being exceeded when this happens. You need to find out why and I think that’s the best way to do it, check the log for errors.

    I tried the topic first page, which was fine. Then I clicked the page 2 or next icon to get to page two, and it showed a blank screen. Then I tried just the forum page, and it showed a 503. I didn’t think to check when the blank screen was up if that was a 503 error too.

    You are going to need access to some logs for additional info to fix this one.

    To see if it’s your theme creating the problem, see if this happens with the stock theme. If it doesn’t then you need to find the problem with your theme that is causing this.

    How about plugins? What plugins are you using? Maybe something that allows images is causing an out of memory error, if you all large images to be uploaded?

    Thanks for the help.

    Plugins I am using are…

    Allow Images 0.7.1

    Terms of Service 0.0.3

    Human Test for bbPress 0.7.1

    Post Count Plus – Dynamic.Titles & More! 1.1.5

    bbPress Smilies 0.0.1

    Quote 0.2

    BBcode Lite 1.0.1

    bbPress Attachments 0.1.11

    Avatar Upload 0.8.3

    My Views 0.1.2

    BBcode Buttons Toolbar 0.0.4

    BBPress Private Messaging 0.80

    bbRatings 0.8.5

    Mini Track 0.1.5

    My Views module – Started/Participated Topics 0.1.2

    Tweaks (mini-plugins)

    bb Topic Views 1.6.2

    Simple Onlinelist 1.5

    My Posts module – Most/Least Posts 0.1.1

    Unread Posts 0.9.0

    I cant really switch the theme as my clients customers are using the site as we speak…changing the site now wouldn’t be a great look.

    How do I access the error logs?

    Sorry for the dumb questions by the way and I do appreciate the help.



    > I can’t really switch the theme as my clients

    > customers are using the site as we speak…

    > changing the site now wouldn’t be a great look.

    Yeah, but it’s broken now anyway, so what’s worse? If you don’t want to change it, I understand.

    How about just creating a duplicate of it, duplicate the database, copy over all the files from bbPress, then change the domain name or something, or just access it by subdirectory, all on the same server. See if it’s still broken there. If it is, good, you have a good test environment. Now, try the stock theme, and try turning off plugins one by one (all twenty of them) and see when the problem goes away. You have far from a stock installation, so something in your forum or on your server has changed enough to create this problem.



    Error log access is highly dependent on your hosting setup. If this is a shared server, you might have a control panel and in there might be access to logs. What is your hosting setup?

    If you don’t have or can’t find logs, then you can setup error logging for bbPress, then just log to a file for a while and try accessing this page 2 and see what gets logged. Then, find and fix the problem. I can post the code for custom error logging, or you can google for it.

    After checking my logs I basically have this over and over again…

    File does not exist: /mnt/local/home/harrismarine/, referer:

    File does not exist: /mnt/local/home/harrismarine/, referer:

    Every time that image is missing (that’s the first error), there is a missing file after that called missing.html.

    These are the only errors that look like they link to the url that is causing the issue but I am no expert.

    I have fixed the image problem anyway but it didnt seem to fix anything.

    And it is hard to test now as it works fine on my machine every time but not on some others…and then it will start working on those for no apparent reason.

    I am wondering if upgrading to alpha will help…or maybe make it worse?



    You might need more help than can be offered via a forum.

    The missing topgrey.gif file is not your problem: that’s just a 404 file not found error. That won’t bring down your forum. The missing.html file being missing is probably because the server is configured to display a custom 404 page, but it can’t find that file either. But two 404 errors will not bring down your server.

    Upgrading to alpha will not fix your problem. You need to find the specific problem with your installation.

    Also, just loading page one of that topic 9, TWICE, caused the blank screen. So I doubt it even has anything to do with that thread having two pages. Just try loading any page twice and see if you experience the same thing I did (503 error, Service Not Available.)

    To me, it sounds like something in the bbpress forum is overloading your server. Could be one of the plugins causing an excessive amount of database queries, could be something exhausting PHP RAM. You need someone close to the server to be able to troubleshoot this. If it’s a shared server, you might have a hard time finding the information you need.

    Would having alot of inline images be able to overload the server?



    Not just displaying them, no. If you are processing them in some way before displaying them, then maybe. But just displaying them on a page would not cause this error.

    Another possibility is that the website is exceeding a bandwidth cap on the host. I don’t know the details of the hosting plan, but it’s possible that somehow the host is limiting or throttling the bandwidth or resource usage.

    It’s still giving a 503 error for even the front page of the forum. Maybe with some sort of throttling, it takes your site down for a while after exceeding some cap? I never timed how long it gives a 503 after the first time it happens, but it seems like it’s at least 10 minutes, maybe more. It’s still down right now.



    Interestingly, I just checked the forum again, and it was inaccessible. So I tried the main website, and it came up. Then I tried the forum again, and it came up (so, it appears that the forum was down about 10 minutes this time.)

    But I got this error on the forum page for:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: avatarupload_display() in /mnt/local/home/harrismarine/ on line 7

    There were supposed to be 6 posts to that thread I think, but only the first one comes up, with this error, then there are no more replies.

    Then, I refreshed the same page, and I got this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: show_view_count() in /mnt/local/home/harrismarine/ on line 9

    That error kept coming up over and over when I refreshed the page.

    It seems to me that right now you’re disabling plugins, but the call to the plugin function is still in the template, which is causing these errors. That points to a totally different problem, not the one that was causing the 503 before. This is something new and only because I think you disabled some plugins.



    I suggest you find someone you trust and give them access to that server or hosting account to help you with this. It’s such a nice forum: you need to get these problems resolved.

    Yea that was me disabling some plugins.

    Thanks but I don’t know anyone that knows how to fix this type of thing.

    I tried refreshing another page over and over and you are right it did the same thing only with more gibberish errors over top of the default bbpress error page.

    The thing is even when the whole site is down it almost always works on my mac…every time. So wouldn’t that mean that it cant be the server?



    What type of server is this hosted on? And you mean it works in your Mac browser even when the server is having trouble?

    You can contact me via my profile if you need additional help.

    UPDATE: I am unable to add a new reply to this thread for some reason (the background image looks weird to me too all of the sudden) so I am posting this here:

    Yes, through my website – click my profile, find my site, find a way to contact me. I’m not trying to be difficult, just also not trying to spam the board.

    Or just google chrishajer: I’m easy to find.

    Yea I mean it works on my mac browser when the server seems to be down.

    I am with dreamhost.

    Cant see how to contact you through your profile, or do you mean through your site?



    Yes, through my website – click my profile, find my site, find a way to contact me. I’m not trying to be difficult, just also not trying to spam the board.

    Or just google chrishajer: I’m easy to find.

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