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Re: Second Page Gone!



Interestingly, I just checked the forum again, and it was inaccessible. So I tried the main website, and it came up. Then I tried the forum again, and it came up (so, it appears that the forum was down about 10 minutes this time.)

But I got this error on the forum page for:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: avatarupload_display() in /mnt/local/home/harrismarine/ on line 7

There were supposed to be 6 posts to that thread I think, but only the first one comes up, with this error, then there are no more replies.

Then, I refreshed the same page, and I got this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: show_view_count() in /mnt/local/home/harrismarine/ on line 9

That error kept coming up over and over when I refreshed the page.

It seems to me that right now you’re disabling plugins, but the call to the plugin function is still in the template, which is causing these errors. That points to a totally different problem, not the one that was causing the 503 before. This is something new and only because I think you disabled some plugins.

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