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Re: Second Page Gone!



You might need more help than can be offered via a forum.

The missing topgrey.gif file is not your problem: that’s just a 404 file not found error. That won’t bring down your forum. The missing.html file being missing is probably because the server is configured to display a custom 404 page, but it can’t find that file either. But two 404 errors will not bring down your server.

Upgrading to alpha will not fix your problem. You need to find the specific problem with your installation.

Also, just loading page one of that topic 9, TWICE, caused the blank screen. So I doubt it even has anything to do with that thread having two pages. Just try loading any page twice and see if you experience the same thing I did (503 error, Service Not Available.)

To me, it sounds like something in the bbpress forum is overloading your server. Could be one of the plugins causing an excessive amount of database queries, could be something exhausting PHP RAM. You need someone close to the server to be able to troubleshoot this. If it’s a shared server, you might have a hard time finding the information you need.

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