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Re: *seamless* wordpress integration

Hi gerikg

The integration is working already without errors. I just gave up and copied back the backup and suddenly it showed perfect. I do not have an explanation for that, but it works.

Now I am into the details.

— the login/register function did not show, so I took it out of the header and put it on the content and it works. I have still to give a better format that does not get over the content.

— I want to add a Grey background over every second post. No idea how to do it. Any idea?

— I have probably to redo the integration since when I log in WP it log me out in BBpress and viceversa.

— I have to refine some details still (font colors, etc)

The sites are:



I won´t add the forums links in the menu until it is 100% integrated.

Thanks a lot for the explanations here.

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