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Re: $$$s & £££s for your help!!

If you’re tech inclined, yes, the forums are all the help you need. The problem is a lot of bloggers AREN’T. That’s why and TalkPress exist! Keep the non-geeks out of the geek part, and let them just blog.

If you’re NOT, then a plate of cookies is great :) If I was going to charge for it, I’d say $25 for an install and bog-standard install of someoneelse’s theme (no major layout changes, just little tweaks). $5 for upgrades and ‘OMG! I borked my DB! HAAAALP!’ problems. If you want a custom design, I’m out of the biz. If I were to charge for a WP/BB integrated setup, probably $35 or $40, depending on how much I liked ’em.

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