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Re: return grok(Your attempt to do this has failed.);

Ok, I’m getting something printed to the screen.

The main one (because it’s related to a core file):

Notice: Undefined index: host in /home/musnake/public_html/forum/bb-includes/backpress/functions.wp-cron.php on line 189

which is the last line of the following block:

function wp_cron() {
// Prevent infinite loops caused by cron page requesting itself
$request_uri = parse_url($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
$cron_uri = parse_url(BP_Options::get('cron_uri'));

if ( $request_uri['host'] == $cron_uri['host'] && $request_uri['path'] == $cron_uri['path'] )

The rabbit hole leads to bb-includesclass.bp-options.php around line 14:

function get($option) {
switch ($option) {
case 'cron_uri':
return bb_get_uri('bb-cron.php', array('check' => BP_Options::get('cron_check')), BB_URI_CONTEXT_WP_HTTP_REQUEST);

Is this ice-cream?:

if(!isset($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])) {
$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] = substr($_SERVER['argv'][0], strpos($_SERVER['argv'][0], ';') + 1);

$request_uri = parse_url($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);

I guess $request_uri['host'] isn’t set as the notice goes away if wrap a simple if isset around the next block. That snippet doesn’t work for me BTW. I thought $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] was the URI used to call up that page. How is it missing? It is just a notice. I should go back to the plugin issues (Undefined index: plugin and Undefined action: )

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