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Re: renaming index.php messes up lay-out?



What does it matter that what bbpress sees at “front-page” isn’t the actual front page of your site? It’s just a moniker used throughout the program, it doesn’t have to mean anything to you.

Not a lot needs to change when adding a new page. Make a file in your forums root directory call it whatever, like null.php. set it up like this:



***[if you need any code, put it here]***

if ( file_exists(BBPATH . 'my-templates/nullsfile.php') ) {

require( BBPATH . 'my-templates/nullsfile.php' );

} else {

echo "File does not exist in my-templates folder";



Then make a file in your my-templates folder called nullsfile.php and make it look like an html file, but be sure to set it up like this:

<?php bb_get_header(); ?>

***[put all your html code here with calls to php functions]***

<?php bb_get_footer(); ?>

At that point, you have a page integrated into bbpress. What you do in those two files is up to you. To access the file, you just go to forumsroot/null.php (if you have pretty links turned on, you don’t need the .php part). If you need called functions, standard is to put them into a file in the my-plugins folder.

In some of the plugins I’ve made, my main file does stuff like detects if something is set in the address line by checking the $_GET[] variable, or it pulls information needed by the required my-templates file by running a database query…

That all make sense?

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