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Re: Racing News Digest



I noticed a couple things.

  • On the home page of the blog, the suckerfish nav drops down behind the text that begins “Visit our RACE WEEK CENTRAL to get this weeks complete Ryan Newman coverage.”
  • On the forum home page, the suckerfish nav drops down behind some of the text. For example, hover over Drivers Pages” and try to go down the list vertically. When you get to Jeff Burton, the menu goes away because the browser grabs the link to Forum FAQ.
  • On the forum search results page, the suckerfish drops down behind the select box where you select the forum to search (starts at Any).
  • On the forum home page, I noticed a typo in “Why resgister? Look Here!!”
  • When hovering over a tag, the URL points to the tag URL, but other tags get a yellow background color. Is that intentional?
  • In the signature for Nascar Fanatic, the yellow font for “Racing News Digest” has far too little contrast against the grey. Also, for that signature, the social networks icons didn’t work.

Looks like you have the start of a good community there. Just needs a little tune-up.

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