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Racing News Digest

  • I am still working on it, but I have for the most part completed my integration for WP and BB.

    You can see it at

    I am actually hosting this currently on a subdomain at and the forums are at

    Started out as a “fun project” and now I have to move everything to the first URL listed…….FUN!!

    If you login you will see that I have kind of created a user console in the upper right corner of the forum. I have the theme switcher along with edit profile, send new PM and everything up there.

    I only have a couple of theme selections at the moment but am working on NASCAR Driver (and other racing series) specific themes.

    Not a flashy site or anything. The main theme is from Kakumei and so are the other available one. But the site it’s self is simple so that works.

    If you’re into racing…..come help get the conversation going.

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  • chrishajer


    I noticed a couple things.

    • On the home page of the blog, the suckerfish nav drops down behind the text that begins “Visit our RACE WEEK CENTRAL to get this weeks complete Ryan Newman coverage.”
    • On the forum home page, the suckerfish nav drops down behind some of the text. For example, hover over Drivers Pages” and try to go down the list vertically. When you get to Jeff Burton, the menu goes away because the browser grabs the link to Forum FAQ.
    • On the forum search results page, the suckerfish drops down behind the select box where you select the forum to search (starts at Any).
    • On the forum home page, I noticed a typo in “Why resgister? Look Here!!”
    • When hovering over a tag, the URL points to the tag URL, but other tags get a yellow background color. Is that intentional?
    • In the signature for Nascar Fanatic, the yellow font for “Racing News Digest” has far too little contrast against the grey. Also, for that signature, the social networks icons didn’t work.

    Looks like you have the start of a good community there. Just needs a little tune-up.


    Thanks for the response and input, I appreciate it.

    The spelling error is corrected.

    The Ryan Newman News And Information page is completely separate from the Racing News Digest.

    I started Racing News Digest as a little project just for me….and of course that is not what it is now.

    But Racing News Digest is currently at and the forums are at

    You can currently access that site through and my next project is to get it off the domain an get it onto

    Now, as far as the drop down menus.

    I am using IE6 and Firefox 2.

    I am a little stumped on this. I don’t see the problem at all on the Ryan Newman Information site.

    I do see the problem at the RND forums though. It seems to disappear at the start of the forum page or more specifically where something starts on the forum page (like words or a form or something.)

    But this problem does not exist on the RND site.

    I COULD REALLY USE SOME SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO FIX THIS. That would really be appreciated but I will keep working on that today while watching the race!!!

    The signature, I agree, I just got it in there for testing and playing. My signature will probably have a little more in it.

    Also the social network icon don’t have links. I figured people could go to the profile page to access someones info.

    The social networking deal is something I modified from bbsocialize. You can check that out here.

    Maybe I will at least add a link to the profile page in there.

    Thanks for any help or comments you may have.

    FIXED IT – Mostly.

    It did not like my div=main being a position: relative. So that took care of that. At least in IE6 and FF2. I will check FF3 later.

    The one problem is the search results page. That pesky drop down menu is still hiding the nav bar dropdown ONLY IN IE6.

    My problem is that I can not find where to modify that.

    ANY HELP???

    And to answer the other question about the TAGS,

    Yes that is intentional as far as hovering over one and others “light up”. I am playing with it and may or may not keep it. It is the Enhanced Tag Heat Map plugin found here –

    Like I said, may or may not keep it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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