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Re: Racing News Digest


Thanks for the response and input, I appreciate it.

The spelling error is corrected.

The Ryan Newman News And Information page is completely separate from the Racing News Digest.

I started Racing News Digest as a little project just for me….and of course that is not what it is now.

But Racing News Digest is currently at and the forums are at

You can currently access that site through and my next project is to get it off the domain an get it onto

Now, as far as the drop down menus.

I am using IE6 and Firefox 2.

I am a little stumped on this. I don’t see the problem at all on the Ryan Newman Information site.

I do see the problem at the RND forums though. It seems to disappear at the start of the forum page or more specifically where something starts on the forum page (like words or a form or something.)

But this problem does not exist on the RND site.

I COULD REALLY USE SOME SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO FIX THIS. That would really be appreciated but I will keep working on that today while watching the race!!!

The signature, I agree, I just got it in there for testing and playing. My signature will probably have a little more in it.

Also the social network icon don’t have links. I figured people could go to the profile page to access someones info.

The social networking deal is something I modified from bbsocialize. You can check that out here.

Maybe I will at least add a link to the profile page in there.

Thanks for any help or comments you may have.

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