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Re: profile_menu doesnt work on all pages

Ok , i see that my messages are incomprehensible ( normal , i am not a native english speaker ) , i ill try again ( my english will suck a little :P ) .

I have this on my my-templates/footer.php :

<?php if ( $bb_current_user->ID ) : ?>

<li><h2 class="vcard">Profile</h2></li>


<?php profile_menu(); ?>


<?php endif; ?>

My goal is to display the avaible profil options for the connected user if no other user’s profil is viewed .

But it doesnt work until i dont go to another user’s profil and displays this error :

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/httpd/bouazza/ on line 59

And only one item is viewed , Profile , and it contains a bad link (, without an user ID ) .

But if i am viewing an user’s profil , the menu is correctly displayed , and allthing is fine .

I Hope I can get more replys now .

Thanks !

PS : It will be great if we can speak here on this board in another language like French , German … espiecially for guys like me who ar’nt familiar with English :P .

Bouazza .

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