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Re: “pretty” permalinks in bbPress

bbPress permalinks still not working for me.

I have also a wordpress installation with the same hosting company on the same account. Rewrite works perfectly.

My bbPress site 0.9.04:

I tried ‘MultiViews’ and the ‘generated Rewrite rules’ in my .htacess file and nothing gets the pretty links to work. The html links are generated well but the pages are not found.

There must be something else. Any hints for me?

I am not into the Unix stuff too much and I am wondering if .htaccess files need a kind of ‘server restart’ or etc.???

When I installed bbPress I also needed to add a line that instructs the server to use PHP5 instead of prev. versions. The bbPress requirements spoke always about PHP >4.3… so that was not right as well. I am wondering if the permalink stuff is may be not 100% at this point.

Besides of that… bbPress is definitely a super cool product from you WP guys! It rocks and finally brings a good looking message board on the plate. Good work. Thanks!

I appreciate a help re. the permalinks.


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