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Re: Pour in your suggestions for an ultimate bbPress theme



Hi, what about the theme I am using?

I have little knowledge in webdesign. Therefore I just modified the Kakumei-Theme as good as I could.

I was looking for a simple theme which is userfriendly, offers a lot of opportunities for google ads and an overview over the different categories (=main forums).

It also has a drop down menu. If you move with the cursor on the menu to forum you will see some submenus which direct you to the different categories. In my opinion an easy way to keep the overview.

Problem: I have no idea if it looks well on all browsers and all different screens. I only tested it with FF, Safari and IE7 and with the screen of my laptop.

Another problem: I had to remove the footer because it moved to the top of the page and I wasn’t able to keep it at the bottom.

Further I am looking for a way to show the last authors avatars on the topic and discussion boards of the front page and the forums pages.

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