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Pour in your suggestions for an ultimate bbPress theme

  • Ok bbPress lovers! The new month has started and I want to give the community a theme which would cover the needs of masses. So pour in your suggestions. I would like to cover up as many suggestions as possible.

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  • Mark


    It has to have my name and web site linked to somewhere on it. Then people will know my name. And my web site address. And that I’m super cool enough to be linked to from a theme that I didn’t make. :)


    Ok! You got the <h1> tag. Happy? More suggestions..

    @ash Just the layout, or also functionality with plugins?


    As much as you would like to see. I will incorporate as many stuff as possible without compromising with performance.

    One of the things I try to do on my own bbPress-based forum, is trying to make it more and more user friendly. By saying user friendly, I want my users to click less, as that is really annoying. And give as much as information possible on the page they are.

    Think of:

    • Adding a search bar on every page

    • Navigation should be visible from all pages

    A few options that you’d need plugins for:

    • Upload plugin, so users can upload images

    • Signature, users love that too

    • And PM system

    Worth considering:

    • AJAX replies (just like we have in vBulletin)

    So if you’re gonna incorporate those things into your theme, think about the design.

    Ah…. add a sidebar capability ;)

    Easy answer. Number one requirement is, that it also has a wordpress theme.

    Just a reminding note that I will be on this soon.



    Hi, what about the theme I am using?

    I have little knowledge in webdesign. Therefore I just modified the Kakumei-Theme as good as I could.

    I was looking for a simple theme which is userfriendly, offers a lot of opportunities for google ads and an overview over the different categories (=main forums).

    It also has a drop down menu. If you move with the cursor on the menu to forum you will see some submenus which direct you to the different categories. In my opinion an easy way to keep the overview.

    Problem: I have no idea if it looks well on all browsers and all different screens. I only tested it with FF, Safari and IE7 and with the screen of my laptop.

    Another problem: I had to remove the footer because it moved to the top of the page and I wasn’t able to keep it at the bottom.

    Further I am looking for a way to show the last authors avatars on the topic and discussion boards of the front page and the forums pages.

    How about lots more theme choices like WordPress. Also, is there a plugin that places a ‘pinned’ button at the bottom corner where you could add a link to ‘post’ or ‘top of page’?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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