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Re: Plugins for WordPress integration



The site issue and the database issues do seem like separate things. That was the first thing that caught my eye though (the URLs.)

my database has bbpress_ tables (like bbpress_forums, bbpress_posts, etc) and wp_ tables (like wp_links, wp_users, wp_usermeta etc)

My config.php (bbpress) has this for the DB stuff:

$bb_table_prefix = 'bbpress_';

$bb->wp_table_prefix = 'wp_';

And mine just works with user integration like that. Is is possible that including the ‘’ is overwriting something? I didn’t have to include that, and just have the one other require there. Why is that included for yours (did you read something I didn’t maybe?)

Looking at your original error:

'dearauth_bbdb.wp_users' doesn't exist

the table prefix there is set to dearauth_bbdb somehow. Maybe you forgot to close a quote or something? Or did you edit your config before posting it (i.e. it’s not the actual, but it’s edited without the same error maybe?) You didn’t post the MySQL and bbpress config stuff from the top of the config.php.

Just guessing, but maybe we’ll get it.

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