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Re: Plugins for WordPress integration

Hi again Trent

I’ve had another go. Here are the steps I have taken:

Created a new account on my server (

Installed WP 2.0.5 via fantastico

Downloaded BB from this site

Created database and user through cpanel. Added user to database with all privileges >> sidenote: does not mention setting up the database. A bit confusing.

Copied config-sample.php to config.php, edited with my info

Uploaded to host

Ran bb-admin/install.php

Downloaded – uploaded to WP plugins dir, activated and configured with tables prefix.

Created new user on bbpress… couldn’t log in to WP.

Created new user on WP… couldn’t log in to bbpress.

My head hurts from pulling at my hair :(

Another question: do you have to allow new user registrations on your blog for the plugin to work?

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