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Re: Plugin: Summon user



Hi there

I think this is a fantastic plugin but for now I’ve had to disable use of it on my site forums. Why? Well I’m no dab hand at PHP but I do know it’s using the user_login to display users in the drop-down menu and what I want it to do is use display_name instead as, otherwise, my site login name is shown and I keep that deliberately long and complicated and it’s nothing like my display name, to help protect against anyone finding out my login details and getting into my blog admin.

I run the bbpress plugin to use display names not login names but it has no impact on this plugin, so I was really hoping you might consider changing it, or producing a different version, that doesn’t use login names but uses display names instead in the drop-down menu that appears under forum posts?

Many thanks for considering the change, as I really do think this plugin is fantastic – and I love the idea of ‘summoning’ people to topics!

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