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Plugin: Summon user

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  • thomasklaiber



    Sorry … there was no ability to select “nobody”.

    Download here:

    Sorry =)



    thank you thank you thank you!!!!



    I can’t begin to express how psyched I am that you did this! I really do think its a good idea and will help a lot of forums increase their activity.

    By the way, it worked without a hitch and i have it installed over at now :)

    I hope you’ll continue to populate the plugins browser with your clever works :)



    I forgot about this one Thomas! Nice, I am using this one for sure!




    Hi there

    I think this is a fantastic plugin but for now I’ve had to disable use of it on my site forums. Why? Well I’m no dab hand at PHP but I do know it’s using the user_login to display users in the drop-down menu and what I want it to do is use display_name instead as, otherwise, my site login name is shown and I keep that deliberately long and complicated and it’s nothing like my display name, to help protect against anyone finding out my login details and getting into my blog admin.

    I run the bbpress plugin to use display names not login names but it has no impact on this plugin, so I was really hoping you might consider changing it, or producing a different version, that doesn’t use login names but uses display names instead in the drop-down menu that appears under forum posts?

    Many thanks for considering the change, as I really do think this plugin is fantastic – and I love the idea of ‘summoning’ people to topics!



    I added some pizazz to this plugin – If you have the Simple Online list and Posts Since Last Visit Plugin you can run the query on the bb_online table and populate the summon list with only users that have actually logged in. I trimmed about 80 users out of the select list with this, and it still works:

    function summon_get_users() {
    global $bbdb;
    // maybe cached in future versions.
    $users = $bbdb->get_results("SELECT * FROM <code>bb_online</code> INNER JOIN wp_users ON bb_online.user_id = wp_users.ID WHERE 1 ORDER BY <code>wp_users</code>.<code>user_login</code> ASC LIMIT 0 , 30");

    return $users;

    i think it will be nice if users wont list by drop down menu and there is judt a textbox filed and when i type the user name it show the user name avaiebel form database like gmail auto complete email address

    now this plugin is good for forum with less than 20 members and if members grown i think it is not good

    Is it possible to make it so that (when using the online plugin) you can summon a online person directly? So you summon a user who is online, he will recieve a pop-up (or something) . When he presses the link or button in the pop-up, he will go directly to the topic. Ofcourse the pop-up should heave 2 buttons. 1 to accept the summon and 1 to decline it. The summoner will recieve a pop-up when the summon is declined.

    That would be so cool :)

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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