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Re: Plugin Request: Forum Categories..

Hehe, it was a pice of cake. :)

AND it is easy to add the extra “step” to ” Website Design > HTML Basics > Whats wrong with my site” to the top-links if you like and it’s easy to group the result on the frontpage if you like.

(“General (forum cat block 1) >

–Latest news (forum under general cat)

–General Discussions (forum under general cat)

–Site Feedback (forum under general cat)”)

Well I think it feels “to much” so I made a new row in the table insted of giving every caregory its own line but its an easy to fix. Well, I didnt found any easy way to add a “middle-forum”, like it is in phpBB. If you clock on a categori you see all avalible forums.

Well, well. My point with this post, if you would like i can post the code and changes. But I warn you, my “hack” isnt realy nice, it demands changes in the db, in the corefiles and ofcause template. And worst of all, it uses crapy if-else and no fancy “all data in the db and one function for each job”-stuff. I’m a newbi so I’m using newbi sollutions.

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