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Re: plugin idea: wiki post (group editable post)



Ah I have another idea that would allow it to use the regular post editor and all it’s features/hooks.

bbpress won’t display any post normally that doesn’t have a status of 0. “1” is deleted. But something like 9 could be the wikipost for the topic. That way even older topics could get a wikipost. All we have to do is check for a post status of 9 with the topic id and if so, display it after the topic summary on top. Hook it to show an edit button that works for any subscriber (or maybe a level setting so only mods, etc can edit it) and of course a button within the topic summary to start a wikipost if there is no post with a status of “9”.

Too exhausted to start on this project this week but will look at it next. If anyone wants to have a go at it, please do.

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