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Re: Plugin: Forum Restriction



I had a similar problem as you (with having to submit twice) in my memberlist plugin when trying to delete users. It would update the database, but only after the page was loaded… so in order to get a page load to reflect the new changes, you’d have to hit the button again.

Pissed me off for a long time. Figured out it’s all about when and how you call the db change. For me it was easy because I had made my own pages so could change whatever I wanted. I put the deletion script in the root file (the one called mlist.php) and had the submit button do nothing but reload the page. When the page was reloaded, it would have all the deletion info in the pages $POST data, so the deletion script just looks for that and acts accordingly.

I don’t know if that helps you at all with your plugin since I haven’t used the site options plugin yet (is that what you’re using?) so don’t know how to add stuff to the admin pages.

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