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Re: Plugin: bbPortal 1.2

Do you also run php 5? and/or mysql 4?

and can you check if the bb_menu table is created in your db and if there is stuff in it?

To be honest, I have realy NO idea why you guys have these errors or why they occurs. Since you both have the same problem with the same lines of code, I am guessing that OR i programmed something wrong (that can be, cause I really am a programming noob) or it is a php/msql version problem.

Do you see the menu tabs in the admin area?

If you dont realy need the menu part, but want to play/use the portal only, you can create a clean php file naming it bbmenu.php and put in a function called: get_bbmenu(). Just make sure this function does nothing at all. Upload it to your plugin directory and you can use the portal plugin. The portal plugin checks if this functions excist in order to continue, but in this stage it doesn’t realy need the bbmenu plugin yet (it is usable without it). Only thing is you won’t have a nice menu on your portal page then…

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