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Re: Plugin: Avatar Upload



Oh! I see, the sub-sub folders are empty, I just downloaded it from here myself to check.

When I browsed bbPress’ Subversion repository, the files ARE there — I didn’t forget to commit them! — so somehow the bbPress Plugin Browser (the one on this site, NOT Sam’s plugin) has messed up the ZIP download.

The question is, whether it is a one-off or a systematic problem? Admins? Coders? Any ideas?

To solve your problem outchy (and yes, somehow the identicon section got deleted in your avatar.php file), you can download files directly from the Trac browser.

Here is the avatar.php file (long url, sorry):

You can not save that page itself, but scroll right to the bottom of it and you’ll see “Download in other formats” – just click on “Original Format” and you’ll be prompted to save a PHP file.

You can do it for any other files you’re missing.

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