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Re: Plugin: Avatar Upload



@Box87 – thanks, but I think the class has far too many features for an avatar upload script. It would be fantastic for a fully-fledged image/photo album/file-browser plugin, but I’m not interested in going down that route.

Avatar Upload now already has the two chief functions it lacked: resizing (including maintaining aspect ratio) and sharpening of resized truecolor images (unsharp mask). I want to keep it as simple as possible.

I onced used a forum where the avatar feature was integrated with a generic image upload browser and my users got a bit confused. They didn’t realise it was one and the same place (they hardly EVER uploaded anything that wasn’t an avatar) – you uploaded an image and had to select the one to use as an avatar – it was possible to select an image that was too big etc. So I hacked the plugin to make it more specifically for avatars (making my own for this particular forum would have been a right-Royal pain in the [gr]ass), but I was never really happy with the forum software and ditched it for another one — until bbPress arrived!

@_ck_ thanks, I’ll look into it. My primary concern right now is getting the plugin to play nicely with the Plugin Browser plugin.

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