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Re: Plugin: Avatar Upload



Hello, the specific error you have reported could be a permissions problem – although if you tried settings permission to 666 and it still failed, I’m stumped. Alternatively, it could be some other problem with PHP’s move_uploaded_file() function.

What might be helpful is what error PHP returns itself (I’ve suppressed PHP errors in the plugin). You need to temporarily show the PHP error for the function in question by removing the @ symbol from in front of it.

Find the following line in avatar_upload.php (~ #99) and remove the @ symbol before the move_upload_file function.

if ($img_errs == 0 && !@move_uploaded_file($img_temp, BBPATH .$config->avatar_dir . $user_filename) )


Then upload the file to the server, chmod the avatars folder to 666 and try uploading an avatar again — please report the full error message you get, including the PHP error.

Oh and I have to ask this, just in case: are all the configuration settings in my-plugins/bb-avatar-upload.php correct? Is the avatars folder in the root and is the $this->avatar_dir config setting pointing to the correct location? I’m sure they are, but I have to check.

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