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Re: Plugin: Avatar Upload



Version 0.3 is now available for download from the plugin browser.

Version 0.3 is not compatible with previous versions, so you will have to go through your templates and make some changes to the template functions (check the Readme file).

New Features

* added an ‘Avatar’ tab to the profile menu

* added a ‘default avatar image’ option (if you don’t want to use fel64’s identicons — see previous posts in this thread).

* can access just the avatar’s URI for use in other plugins.

fel – how would you like me to link to the identicon’s plugin? Currently, I’m just linking to your post in this thread.

Oh and I have hacked together an Über-Avatar plugin which pulls together the various avatar plugins into one ‘api’. It iterates through some logic based on a specified order of preference (set by the admin), checking to see if the user has specified an avatar using each plugin.

For example:

Order to check: avatar-upload, bb-avatar. bb-myavatars, identicon

Has user uploaded an avatar?

— Yes: Invoke the ‘avatar-upload’ plugin template function and break.

— No… continue

Has the user specified an external URL?

— Yes, invoke ‘bb-myavatar’ template function and break.

— No… continue

Has the user got a Gravatar?

— Yes, invoke ‘bb-myavatars’ template functions and break.

— No… continue

Has the user got an identicon?

— Yes, invoke the same code as ‘avatar-upload’ and break.

— No. create an identicon and then invoke the ‘avatar-upload’ code.

It’s not perfect yet though, so no release.

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