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Re: phpbb3 -> bbpress converter



Just tried again. Isn’t working. Everything works fine before the phpBB3 conversion, but then I can’t get any users to log in. I’ve tried all known passwords, etc. Can’t log in as bbpress Key Master either.

Here’s what I’ve done:

(1) Install bbpress standalone to same database/sql username/pass as phpBB3 forum

(2) Convert phpBB3 tables using this converter

(3) Go back to bbpress to try to log in as keymaster and it doesn’t work. i try other usernames from the phpBB3 and they don’t work. Mind you, my phpBB3 board only had for users. This board was only set up for my band to discuss new song ideas back and forth while we’re away.

Any help? I’m kind of a novice. I’ve gone into phpmyadmin console and see only 4 users in the bb_users file. In fact, it appears as if after I do the conversion, it’s overwriting my original keymaster login. that one is no where to be seen…

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