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phpbb3 -> bbpress converter

  • hi !

    am working on moving my site from phpbb3 to bbpress, of course there is no converters out there for that purpose, so i decided to write my own.

    am still testing it and trying to improve the code a little bit. right now it can convert the following :

    1- forums

    2- topics, completely with topic types and status.. announcements and glopal announcements are stickied to front page.

    3- posts, all bbcode is converted into html, smiles are changed into img tags, so you might want to install allow images plugin.

    4- users, including permissions .. notice that bbpress doesn’t support per forum permissions as phpbb3, so it only convert users as following :

    founder -> key master

    inactive -> inactive

    banned -> blocked

    moderators and admins are converted into normal users, so you have to assign them again

    because phpbb3 doesn’t use md5 hashing anymore, the script copies passwords as it is. to solve that problem i modified the md5 insecurity for bbpress plugin to first check the passwords the phpbb3 way, if it matches, it will rehash it using bbpress functions.

    the script converts all the table rows at once, so it’s very heavy and consumes too much cpu depending on your forum size, i strongly suggest that you do the conversion on your own machine, not on a shared hosting account. you might also want to increase the php max execution time on your machine before starting the script cause it takes lots of time converting posts.

    here is the steps for converting your phpbb3 board :

    1- make a backup from your database and files.

    2- install bbpress anywhere, just use the same database of phpbb3. this is important cause the script assumes that all tables are in the same database.

    3- download the script from here. extract it, and you’ll get 2 files.

    4- copy the file phpbb3tobbpress.php to phpbb3 directory.

    5- copy the file _phpbb3_pass.php to bb-plugins directory.

    6- go to http://path-to-phpbb3/phpbb3tobbpress.php and start converting your board.

    7- voila .. all your data is converted to bbpress tables, go to your bbpress installation and login. don’t forget to visit admin->manage->recount to make sure your converted board is updated.

    i can’t stress enough on how consuming is the process of converting posts, my board has 25,000 posts, and it takes nearly 15 minutes to convert them on my local machine, so again : i don’t recommend using this converter on shared hosting.

    ciao !

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  • Rick Lewis


    just gave this a shot and got a general error. Said I had a syntax error in a certain line. Can not get passed that point and haven’t a clue how to correct it.

    Tried once to go back and restart the process and when it came to the same point he says now I have a duplicate. Makes sense if it had already added some info to the database.

    If anything has some ideas I would appreciate the help.


    Rick Lewis




    Its great idea to have sub forums.

    Thank you to wmnasef for this script!

    I used the updated script provided by Abdessamad Idrissi at on my phpBB3 forum.

    The conversion went smoothly and I could see the posts from my old forum appear in my bbpress forum.

    However, all the posts had the authors listed as Anonymous, which means none of the users accounts were ported over.

    Can someone help with this please? How did this happen and how can I fix this?

    You guys really need to scratch this and pick up orson’s awesome phpbb3 forum converter:

    you came to import a phpbb bbPress bbPress 1.0 then 2.0? or alternative?



    Having trouble with this. I installed standalone bbpress just fine. Then when I convert, I can see at the login page that all of the data has successfully transferred. But then I’m unable to login as keymaster (or any other login). I’ve tried my old phpBB3 board login info, too, but that doesn’t work. I’ve reinstalled and tryied again to no avail.

    Any help? Why can’t I login with my bbpress password? Or any password/login for that reason?



    Before importing, make sure your key master login details (email and login name) for bbPress are different from those of phpBB keymaster. Then try importing and see of you get any luck…



    No dice. both are different and I just tried again. now it says my bbpress keymaster doesn’t even exist, and my php keymaster/admin’s password is incorrect. trying to reset says it sent me an email, but i am not receiving any (checked spam too).




    Just tried again. Isn’t working. Everything works fine before the phpBB3 conversion, but then I can’t get any users to log in. I’ve tried all known passwords, etc. Can’t log in as bbpress Key Master either.

    Here’s what I’ve done:

    (1) Install bbpress standalone to same database/sql username/pass as phpBB3 forum

    (2) Convert phpBB3 tables using this converter

    (3) Go back to bbpress to try to log in as keymaster and it doesn’t work. i try other usernames from the phpBB3 and they don’t work. Mind you, my phpBB3 board only had for users. This board was only set up for my band to discuss new song ideas back and forth while we’re away.

    Any help? I’m kind of a novice. I’ve gone into phpmyadmin console and see only 4 users in the bb_users file. In fact, it appears as if after I do the conversion, it’s overwriting my original keymaster login. that one is no where to be seen…

    Rick Lewis


    As I recall when doing this long ago, none of the users will work. You have to have them reset their passwords for their accounts to work.

    On the keymaster account there was a trick to that which I do not recall at this moment. However, I do believe you can edit the database itself.

    I believe it changes the role to admin instead of keymaster and then you will have to also change the password to something else.

    Did you use the converter noted in this thread?

    The first link I posted was a very good step by step process that could also give you the info you need.

    If I find anything I will post here to further help out. Good luck.



    the issue is bigger than that, though.

    users, including myself as admin/keymaster, aren’t able to reset passwords. the emails never arrive. it says an email with a new password was sent, but it never arrives.

    so basically, after i make this conversion, i’m unable to log in AT ALL. not as admin/keymaster or any user.

    I’ve just checked phpmyadmin console again after a new install: I can no confirm that my installation keymaster login completely disappears after the conversion. the username is gone entirely, leaving me only with the 4 usernames from my original phpBB3 board. the issue is that those passwords don’t work and resetting apparently will not send me any emails to reset.

    i’m so lost.

    Stephen Edgar




    I thought bbconverter was for the bbpress plugin, not for the standalone version…



    yes, this appears to only work for bbpress plugin version. I’m using standalone…



    Update: I tried something new.

    I installed wordpress on a folder in my site. And then installed the bbpress plugin version.

    Then I tried this bbpress conversion plugin.

    Voila. It worked.

    However, I hate the way this is set up and looks. Anyone can read the forums. You only need to login to reply. I like the standalone version much better and I feel like I had better control over the settings, too.

    I wonder why the conversion plugin works, but converting for standalone doesn’t…

    For the record, using the plugin version with wordpress retained both my wordpress and phpbb3 passwords/usernames. Converting using standalone erased both, it seems, rendering any login impossible.

    I wonder if I can now convert from plugin version to standalone version…



    I ran this script, it works great! Before I ran phpbb3 3.0.3.


    Johann Sebastian Konrad Laski UGA

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