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Re: php_e() issue

Youhou I think I found a more simple solution than merging bbpress and wordpress language file:

– Download your bbpress language file (for me fr_FR) then rename it using another name than the language file you use for wordpress (in my case my wordpress language file is fr_FR and I renamed it in ru_RU) then put it inside your /wp-content/languages folder.

– duplicate wp-blog-header.php and rename the copy as wp-blog-header-bb.php

– duplicate wp-config.php and rename the copy wp-config-bb.php

– open wp-blog-header-bb.php and replace the two occurences of wp-config.php by wp-config-bb.php

-open wp-config-bb.php and replace the line define (‘WPLANG’, ‘yourlanguage’);

by define (‘WPLANG’, ‘newnameofyourbbpresslanguagefile’); (in my case I replaced define (‘WPLANG’, ‘fr_FR’); by define (‘WPLANG’, ‘ru_RU’);)

-In your bb-config.php replace wp-blog-header.php by wp-blog-header-bb.php

You’re done now each time bbpress loads wordpress will load your bbpress language file instead of the wordpress one.

I hope my explainations were clear.


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