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Re: Patch: Categories for version 0.8

Looks like there is some work going on to create “forum hierarchies” in the core. I think this will allow nesting of forums inside other forums. This has made some major changes to the files that were patched, so the patch will not work on the latest revisions. This patch solution will no doubt be deprecated by the changes being made now in core. I think that there was some resistance to adding another table to the database to perform this function, also the new solution will probably be more flexible, allowing for sub-sub-categories, sub-sub-sub-categories, etc.

So we may have a category-like solution by 1.0 – Personally I’ll be happy not to have to update the patch file anymore. I picked bbPress for my work, because it had modern features and a release-often ethos. The category patch filled a hole in functionality for me and a few others, it was a relatively quick hack – fairly brain-dead coding. So I won’t be too sad to see it usurped. Hopefully, if anything, this patch helped make inclusion of this functionality a priority, and perhaps helped provide a UI implementation to use as an example (good, bad or ugly).

I won’t be updating the patch anymore, at least until I am sure the new hierarchical forum features cover that functionality.

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