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Re: Patch: Categories for version 0.8

Thanks for your reply Sam… :) Yeah, for the most part at least lol. Only thing I can’t seem to get working for me though, even followed your instructions over here:

Is applying a “patch” using SVN access… I’m on dreamhost, but, I go through the: START > RUN > CMD …. then login that way… I tried adding that line of code, and even uploaded the patch to my forums/ root directory.. used that:

$ patch -p0 < /path/to/patchfile/categories-build701.patch

Giving my path of “/public_html/forums/categories-build719.patch

And it fails to find such thing in that directory? I’m not a Pro at SVN-ing yet, but anyone with any thoughts, suggestions, and so forth? I was just going to download the lastest SVN files to the Desktop like normally did, and apply patch via Tortoise SVN.. and only upload those “patched” ones… into the forums/ root..

Does that sound like it’s my only option, or.. maybe someone can tell me for sure what to do, and how to do patches via SVN or whatever.. Thanks in advance..

*EDIT* Oh, or does it mean the WHOLE path? I’ll give that a whirl once then, won’t hurt lol.


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