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Re: Patch: Categories for version 0.8

To make this easier on me, I’m just going to backup ALL the current files for my forums, including plugin files, theme files, and whatever else..

Wipe it all out, except for the themes, config.php, .htaccess, and whatever, do that SVN method I mentioned above, try and apply the Forum Cat patch, run upgrade… Then, download all the latest versions of those plugins, go through those files, and adjust accordingly..

Then, the themes as needed.. because I’m on Dreamhost servers, some plugin files were a pain in the arse sigh… had to do special “tweaks” to the files…. Then, make a “not-so-perfect-release” of the Gathering theme, for bbPress…

Then, and then, and then some more.. lmao.. Always something .. LOL Hmm, I could probably shoot for another 3 days staying awake, not getting any sleep.. whee!! [Grabs another pepsi, because that’s my go-go juice, and gets back to work again!]… .


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